Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rule of threes

Ever hear the saying that bad things happen in threes? Well yesterday I figured I was all set for the week...the three things were done and I was well into dealing with all of them. New computer up and running (see picture as requested by Joanne) Pool liner patched and being refilled. A sensible plan set up for my not so studious son. What else could come along? How about a deer, straight into my headlights this evening. Dented the side of the car and broke the turning signal. The good news is I think the deer was okay. The bad news is what's #5 and #6 going to be???


joanne smith said...

oooh, elisabeth ... so pretty!!! your desktop pic matches your cricut cartridges!! are you going to demo day?

Elisabeth said...

I'll be there all afternoon...I'm working the store. Hope to see you there!

Samantha said...

Well...hmmm... so... things can only get better right?