Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bad blogger!

It's been brought to my attention that I have been slacking and with all that's going on lately I really should update my here goes... The floor is done, the rug is in, the walls are painted, the kitchen cabinets are moved and the new countertop is finished, the concrete step is fixed, the windows are washed inside and out, the outside of the house is almost painted (can someone please make the rain stop.. we need to get this done!) I'm deligently trying to get myself in "keep the house looking perfect in case someone want's to see it" mode, even though it hasn't even been listed yet, but honestly, I need to get in the zone here...and it'll take some time to get the men in the house to follow suit, so I though I'd start early. We had a full house at the store friday for crop night and we had a blast...I even got 2 layouts done for the felt so good to get something created, but it wasn't enough, so yesterday, while Marek was up on the ladder washing the upstairs windows, I crept guiltily into my scraproom and finished a layout I had started 2 weeks ago and made an ATC. Oh it was nice, and the guilty feeling wore off rather quickly :)

Here's the layout I got done:


cheitner said...

Elisabeth yea a new update! The layout is beautiful. Connie

Anonymous said...

is that me? i can't read the description! where is that?