Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Night Scrappin!

My favorite time to scrap is late at night on a friday and I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things - so here I am, 11 pm and I'm settling in to a long night at the cropping table. Fresh coffee brewed, table clean, pictures printed... just wish I could tear myself away from the computer long enough to get some more scrapping done. I have finished one LO tonight, here it is:

and here's the journaling:

Monika, Bryan (that would be Bryan Woods and not Bryan Hilton), and I went to visit the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. While most of the art there was just not my style, since I’m not a fan of art a la Picasso, I saw a few things that just took my breath away. The most awe inspiring was “Reflections of clouds on the water lily pond” by Claude Monet, c. 1920. When I walked into the room where it hung, I was absolutely dumbstruck. Pictures and descriptions could do no justice to this most amazing piece of art. Three panels, in total measuring roughly 6 ½ feet by 42 feet, its beauty brought me to tears. They say that through this work, Monet had desired to create “the refuge of a peaceful meditation”. He succeeded; I could have sat staring at this wonder for hours.

Oh, by the way Dimitra, I'm really not off stamping...I was just pulling your leg :)


Dimitra said...

Dear Friend,
I would probably believe anything lately. I'm so glad you aren't of stamping.The museum in NYC is my favorite very versatile and I can be in there for days.My daughther Chistina loves Monet. It's one the reasons we visited the museum years ago while we visited my sister in NJ.

Anonymous said...

i was hoping you'd use that silly picture of me! also, we should go to the met. stuff there would be more your style. and the building is amazing.