Wednesday, October 22, 2008

3 weeks?!!!

I can't believe it's been three weeks since I've updated... bad blogger! Well, fall has settled in here in Jersey. They days are cool and the nights are downright cold. I actually put the heat on for the first time today. It could be worse though..rumor has it the white stuff was seen in Buffalo today... A big thank you to Donna; after finishing up the Twilight series I looked around for something to read and found the book she gave me by Janet Evanovich and I am now happily reading away, onto the 5th of the Stephanie Plum series, secure in the fact that there are many more to go :)

I am once again watching TV, now that the hockey season has started and am ecstatic at how the Sabres have begun their season. (Yes I bought the NHL package to make sure I could see all the games...I even get to here Jennerett call them which makes me very happy!) I've been frantically creating for my DT assignments and just having fun with paper, I have to pull some sneak peeks together! I made my first acrylic album - at first I felt intimidated and frustrated but by the time I finished I was really enjoying it. I learned one important thing... double sided paper would make it alot easier:)! Lastly, Here's a simple blocked layout of some pics I took while walking around Manhattan.

Now I think I might just go bake a chocolate cake...