Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 21!

21 days! that's 3 full weeks! 504 hours! 30,240 minutes! But most importantly, what it isn't...about 840 cigarettes that I haven't smoked...OMG, that seems like a ridiculously huge number. I just rechecked it to make sure I was right...yep, there it is 21 x 40 = 840. Wow. Here's a little card to celebrate today :)


Laura said...

OMG Elisabeth I am SO proud of you!!!
Here's to a happy & HEALTHY new year!
and if it helps at all, you have inspired me to get back on my diet. Well, I actually have been back on for a few days, but not seriously & in full swing like before Christmas, so now here I go!
Thanks ;)
(ps. MISS you! LOVEd your Christmas card, it was the awesomest.. I posted it on my blog)
luv ya! L.

Bonafyde said...

OMG Congrats Elisabeth!!!! Didn't know you were kicking them, good for you! :)