Monday, September 21, 2009

A final summertime visit to the farmer's market

My weekly visit to the farmer's market on Sunday afternoon, what a glorious day- beautiful sunshine with just a hint of crispness in the air. Fresh baked bread, pretty flowers and yummy Heirloom tomatoes caught my eye this week. There were even some early season squash and pumpkins.A bunch of wildflowers found their way to my kitchen window ledge for a week's worth of smiles. Have a wonderful first week of Autumn everyone!!!


Lisa Carroll said...

I love farmer's markets. Looks like you have a really good one!

stephanie said...

Wow your photos look great - really reminds me of fall. Wish we had a farmers market around here. I'd definitely go!!!

cardsister said...

Awesome, awesome pictures! I want to come live where you live. I want to have four seasons instead of just one. Is hot a season? Oh, your blog as always!