Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WoW me Wednesday!

Good morning all just a quick post this morning with a couple blogs that blew me away this week. First a bit of scrappy goodness. I just love this girl's style, her confidence in herself and her goal of leading an inspired life. First take a look at these layouts and then browse through her other posts. I promise you will will end up feeling inspired! A Musing to Create.

Next up is a link I received from my daughter, Monika. Just because I can't eat em, doesn't mean I can't look...these cupcakes are pure artistry, which one's your favorite???

Enjoy the eye candy everyone, I'll be back tomorrow with a card I've been working on.


leah said...

Thanks, Elisabeth!! ^_^

Diane Long said...

Hi, popped over from SCS. You have such cool stuff! Oh, an I eill take a dozen of cupcake #22 !