Thursday, September 6, 2007

I don't wanna!!! (insert foot stamp here)

Ever wake up and dread the thought of going to work? Eek gaad, I want to stay right here in my scrap room all day, with no one in the house but just me and Murphy and create. I do not want to get in the car and deal with the traffic, I do not want to get dressed in anything other than comfy sweats, I do not want to put any makeup on, I do not want to go to work and I especially do not want to have to deal with people today!!! that gives me an idea for a page...ah well, off I go, corporate America awaits! Hope everyone has a fantastic day!!!


Nicole said...

Elisabeth, working in the health care field like you do, i SO know what you mean...i had to call off last week for a 'mental health break', lol =)