Thursday, February 7, 2008

Storage thingy and still not packed

Loving this storage thingy you can put together by Kaiser Craft, such a fun project. It comes unasembled so it's easy to cover but putting the pieces together is a bit of a challenge. The scroll is wooden and by Kaiser also. They have a whole line of items...I think I want more! Well DH left for his flight to Jersey this morning, wish him luck on his interview! (or don't as it means I'm moving to Jersey if he gets it-and I don't think I can do the accent) I fly out tomorrow morning and haven't really gotten anything ready, but I did do a bit of shopping yesterday! We had an ice storm yesterday and this morning it's cold and snowing, I am so looking forward to warmer weather!!!


Denise said...

I love your storage boxes you made. I will have to check out Kaiser Craft. Have a wonderful flight and enjoy your time at CHA!