Monday, February 4, 2008


with excitement, trepidation, nervousness, anxiety, happiness, name the emotion, I'm probably feeling it lately. So many things going on I can't focus on anything! So I've decided to focus on the most imminent, and easiest to deal with...Friday I leave for CHA (insert excited squeal here) ok, I don't know what to pack, but other than that minor problem, it's all good. So for now, I put all the rest on the back burner, (much easier said than done) and enjoy myself for one fun filled exciting week in Anaheim then deal with the rest when I get home. And who knows, maybe everything will sort itself out while I'm away and I won't have to deal with it anymore. hmmm... thoughts to ponder:
~ can I wear my sabres shirt in Anaheim?
~Should I buy Michal a Temu Selanne item while in Anaheim?
~Should I attempt to work on scrap related items while on the long plane ride?
~ are 3 pairs of shoes enough?
~how many books should I bring?
~Should I try adding some hilights to my hair as I think I just might have overdone the intensity of the redness?
~Will I remember to cancel the doctor's appointment I have scheduled for next week before I leave? (hoping that if I write that here I won't...)
~Should I get a small point and shoot so I don't have to lug the DSLR around?

OK, I need to start a list...that always calms and focuses me...


Close To Home said...

Love your blog! So many decision! LOL! Have fun on your trip!

Denise said...

I can feel your excitement. Woo hoo! I hope you have a blast. Oh and three pairs of shoes should be enough. If not, you can shop there. :o)

Barb said...

NO scrapping on the plane.
Books instead - at least two (and buy some magazines at the airport).

AND have fun!

Caroline said...

LOL have fun getting ready for CHA :)

joanne (spagirl) said...

you are too much!
your awesome dslr is lightweight.... take it!! take pics and be sure to post on the store blog!
buy your son the jersey... hard to do as a sabres fan... but... he is your son!!
you'll be scrapping in classes and at make-n-takes... i'd save the evenings for sightseeing!!
take some sunscreen... and have a lot of fun!!!
(can you tell i wish i was going with you!!)

Elisabeth said...

OMG, sunscreen!!!

ricanlaw said...

Oh my you are going to CHA. Jealousy set in. Hey but honestly I'm excited for you. I can't wait to hear from you when you get back. Have an amazing time!

sharon said...

Can't wait 'til you and Donna get a bit chilly at 58 but much better than I hear it is back home. We have been doing lots of walking in prep for the advise is bring a good pair of walking shoes and a bottle of Advil!