Thursday, November 6, 2008

My first acrylic album!

And I had so much fun doing it. Well, not at first...I kept flipping the pages back and forth thinking..."I'll never get this to look right" but the more I got into it, the easier it got and by the time I was done I could say that I really enjoyed's a challenge and it kinda forces you to look at your work in a different dimension.
I'm so excited for tomorrow, I leave for the Extreme Scrapbooking event at the Button Farm in New Hampshire. I've maped out my route and will be passing 8 Tim Hortons while driving through Massachesetts and Connecticut:) For those of you that have never heard about the Button farm, check them out here! Angela comes up with the most gorgeous kits! I'll be meeting Sharon, Jess and Connie...I can't wait to see you guys again! Dimitra, I miss you and can't wait till we see each other again...know that you and your daughter are in my thoughts every single day!


Cheryl said...

Gorgeous album Elisabeth!

leah said...

Very pretty! :)

Lisa Carroll said...

what a beautiful album! I have yet to try one, a bit intimated. but you did a wonderful job with it!!