Friday, October 23, 2009


Either I make way too many cards, or I don't send nearly enough.

Since I have no intention of stopping my card making habit I decided to figure out what the problem is. I sat down with my card box (full of cards ready to be sent) to choose a couple to send out. As I rifled through them, discarding one after another, it finally dawned on me what was wrong. each and every one of these cards wasn't finished. I spend so much time making these cards, just to leave the inside blank - no sentiment, no spot for a handwritten note, nothing. In fact, most of them are made from dark cardstock, so I couldn't even write directly on the card if I wanted to! If I would just finish the cards before putting them in the box, there would be a better chance of actually choosing one and sending it to someone...Seems simple right? So I decided that from now on, all my cards come complete with the insides. I quickly put my card box away and pulled out some paper (Some Jenni Bowlin Front Porch and Cosmo Cricket Early bird were calling my name last night.) and I made these two "all occasion" cards - complete with an ample spot for a handwritten note.

These adorable journaling pages by Jenni Bowlin are perfect for the inside of an all occasion card (they're pretty cute on the front of one too!)
Now to go through the rest of the the cards in the box and finish them all! I can't help but think that Sharon will be proud of me (she always checks to see what's on the inside and back of cards)


cardsister said...

Oh, Elisabeth! You are too cute! What a talent you are... I love your cards and I have the same problem that you do! You've inspired me to get them finished!!

Natalie said...

You can send one my way anytime Elisabeth!:)
Actually I was look at the ATC holder you made me the other day...still hearting it to death. Your stuff is just so that!

Cindy F said...

I know what keeps me from using my cards (most of which I rec'd in swaps) - many of them are too beautiful and I don't want to part with them. Now how silly is that! Your cards are beautiful, Elisabeth.