Friday, December 18, 2009

Shame on me

You know how sometimes it's been so long since you've done something that you end up avoiding it just cause your embarrassed about how long it's been since you've done it making it even longer till you get to it till finally you just don't know how to gracefully get to it without looking like a ...well...slacker? Well it's gotten to that point, probably got to that point a few weeks ago, but I was still in that phase of " just as soon as I get this next thing done" but honestly, Christmas is right around the corner and I just know I won't be getting to any cute projects in the next few weeks (well until my "present to myself" boxes come at least) So here's a quick verbal update of what's been going on:

- I was sick for weeks, but now I feel better. (my feeble attempt at making excuses)
-I was a vendor at a Christmas craft fair (first time ever!) and had a blast, but honestly, (and this has never happened before), I am all simply over making Christmas cards - I've had enough and the stamps are being packed away for next July, when I'm sure I'll start getting the itch to make more.
-I am "almost" done with Christmas shopping...just a few things here and there...anyone know where I can find the new Mario for Wii? LOL
-Working on a cute class for the Rockaway Crop gals and I'm so excited as I will be debuting a new product - watch for an update here on my blog soon after Christmas - you won't want to miss these adorable...well just wait and see...
-I was a winner! a 12 tag's winner that is, and I am anxiously awaiting my package from Mario - so excited!!!
-Getting excited for my trip to Anaheim in January, oh how I love the excitement of CHA!
-House is decorated (that happened today!)
-Baking is under way!
-The Sabres are rocking the rink!

-Yep, things are pretty good :)


cardsister said...

Oh, now Miss E! We don't care, we're just glad you're back!

Donna said...

Hey girlfriend, wondering where you were. I squealed when I saw your name on Tim's Tag giveaway list. I emailed Sharon and anyone at the store I had an address for. I love the two wall hangings you sent Sharon. The blue one especially - it feels like blue suede! Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. P.S.- I'm still available for being a CHA roomie. I want to make sure you have as good an experience as the last time!